Fiji Project 2

Queleni Village, Taveuni, Fiji Islands


Who: Villagers of the Queleni village, about 470 people

Where: Queleni Village, Taveuni, Fiji Islands

Why: Problem: The village has no electricity supply since the village Diesel generator broke long time ago. Spare parts are not available and a new generator is not affordable. Just the school and some of the teachers’ houses have an electricity supply. Enable the villagers to have again light in the night and to enable them to run little industry, like coconut oil production and implement carpenters workshops.

How: Renew the energy system and replace the broken generator by a hydropower generator hybrid system with battery backup.

How much:

Entire Hydro system: 61 000 €
Battery and Inverter system: 36 000 €
Backup generator: 30 000 €
Flights and other costs: 9000 €
Total: 136 000€ (289 € per villager)


Engineers Without Borders Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Ingenieure ohne Grenzen, Germany
Village of Queleni, Fiji Islands

 When: Mid 2014


Engineers Without Borders Luxembourg
Université du Luxembourg
Campus Kirchberg, Bureau F. 013
6, rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi,
L-1359 Luxembourg

david.norta _at_
T + 352 46 66 44 5762 / M + 49 176 248 242 70


IBAN LU69 0020 2100 6670 5900 / BILLLULL



Queleni_fig1Representative of the Energy committee showing the broken old generator which does not work since long time (November 2013)



Queleni_fig2Solar system of the primary school in Queleni funded by the European Commission (November 2013)



Queleni_fig5One of the large rivers close to the Queleni village (November 2013)



Queleni_fig4Hydropower plant in a Catholic school close to the Queleni village which works since more than 5 years (November 2013)



Queleni_fig3Assessment of the water resources close to the Queleni village to calculate the potential for a hydropower electricity generation (November 2013)



Queleni_fig6 The villagers of Queleni who welcomed us for the two day stay in the village (November 2013)