Colombia Project 1



It is a demonstration project that pretends implement an environmental restructuring of a vulnerable neighborhood of San Andres Island based on sound practices in electricity generation, energy efficiency and water desalination. An economic valuation of the results and a continuous technical assistance have to be established.

In a first stage it is consider the implementation of a residential real microgrid, which is named in this proposal the Solar Neighborhood. The Solar Neighbourhood will be configured for 10 homes, with photovoltaic generation systems based on embedded computers drivers and smart metering systems with remote communications (AMI). Photovoltaic generators installed on each residence match the designs of native residence by CORALINA, the San Andres islands environmental authority. The integration of photovoltaic generators in a grid of shared native smart homes and the study of different energy management schemes will be the purpose of doctoral native student research. The research question is: “What is the intelligence needed to manage the photovoltaics generation, increasing energy efficiency seeking maximum power point of the solar panels and improving consumption profiles of the residents? “. With regard to housing, through the collaboration of the energy company EEDAS SA San Andrés EPS, the process of desalination and water purification will be integrated with the aim focused on sustainability of resources and also to improve the quality of life of the habitants of the solar neighborhood. In the expected results of this demonstration is sought innovative electronic products for energy management for regions not interconnected to the national electricity grids. In addition, in order to share information of the Solar Neighbourhood energy performance with stakeholders, this demonstration project will be monitored in real time using smart metering technology (AMI ) by the energy company EEDAS SA San Andrés E.P.S.