Colombia project 2

A second stage is based on the implementation of a fleet of electric cars for the solar neighborhood and its respective system recharged with renewable energy, to mitigate the environmental impact of using conventional fuel vehicles. The transformation of a fleet of golf carts by installing a solar charging system, batteries and electric motors on board has been already done in collaboration with the San Andrés SENA. During the day the batteries are charged using int own solar generator, but if the vehicle is parked in the solar neighborhood, the solar generators could be used instead and thus have a greater capture area energy. It seeks to minimize the environmental impact that was generated by the use of vehicles burning massively fuel in the tourist area of the island of San Andrés.

In order to get sustainability we seek the high level formation of one (1) PhD that must be a native student. His subject must be in the intersection of the following 3 research topics: monitoring and supervision of the variables of climate change, assessment of clean energy production potential and energy efficiency and design of hybrid electric generation PV­diesel microgrids.