Our aims are

  1. To facilitate research projects and extracurricular activities for Luxembourg University engineers, to develop solutions to problems in the developing world.
  2. To undertake projects or supply interns to partner organisations to provide engineering support to developing world community projects.
  3. To build awareness among developed world engineers of the need for technical solutions and the role that developed world engineers can play.
  4. To conduct research in the field of development cooperation also including international and local partners in any kind of the development cooperation field.
  5. To help needy people and animals. The work includes emergency operations in sensitive areas, as well as projects in development cooperation.  Especially we want to participate in providing technical/engineering assistance and technical training where there is need.
  6. The main areas of our interest are:
    – Emergency aid: Civil protection, emergency water supply, procurement of emergency shelters, food, medicine. Assistance with planning and construction of infrastructure objects.
    – Development cooperation: Planning and construction of infrastructure objects. Such as supply systems (water and energy), housing, roads, bridges, and others. Training and education of stakeholders and students and rural development.
    – Training and consultancy in the field of engineering.
    – Training activities and campaigns.
    – Education and public relations

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